Mito Warrior the awesome Kayne!

“Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away”

Kayne "our cheeky little leprechaun" was born March 2009 - he is our 3rd child. At 10 weeks old Kayne had his first seizure. Soon after he was diagnosed with a complex rare seizure disorder that doesn’t respond to anticonvulsant medication. Kayne had frequent hospital admissions and more medical problems kept arising (outside what was expected from this initial condition)

At age 3 yrs in 2012 we tested for Mitochondrial disease - it came back positive. Our hearts sank as we knew there was no cure, no effective treatment and that we were destined to stand by feeling helpless and watch as this disease have it's effect on our son.

Kayne has a progressive degenerative form on Mitochondrial disease – multiple different areas of his body have been effected from causing him to go blind, to bowel, muscle, brain & lung issues and more recently damage to his heart. ‘A baby in a growing boy’s body’ is the best way to describe Kayne’s development.

The most precious gift Kayne has given us is his smile, a cheeky grin that he willingly shares. Kayne was 4 yrs old when he gave us his first smile. It was a small piece of happiness that brought joy to our heavy hearts. We’ve learnt that sometimes it the simplest things that make the biggest difference, and can bring the most inner happiness.

SMILE – See Miracles In Life Everyday. Thank you Kayne for continuing to give the world so many smiles.